LIPS - Local Indoor Positioning System

Local Indoor
Positioning System

Developer-friendly indoor RTLS
for real-time accurate positioning.


How LIPS Works

LIPS enables accurate real-time tracking of persons or assets in indoor environments.

› LIPS Tags are mounted on assets or given to persons whose location you want to track in real-time.

› LIPS Anchors are wall- or ceiling-mounted in your indoor environment (at least four anchors are needed).

› LIPS Accesspoint collects tag locations in real-time, and commits them to LIPS Cloud (or to your custom software).


Would you like to build meaningful indoor location-aware solutions? Now you can.


Industrial-grade indoor RTLS for developers. Yet so simple it can be used without any coding!

Indoor LPS / RTLS Hardware
Indoor RTLS Hardware

We produce our own hardware that provides accurate indoor person positions in real-time!

Great For Developer Use
Developer-friendly Solution

Our hardware has well-documented interfaces and comes with code examples (APIs) for an easy start.

ntirely Customizable
Entirely Customizable

Everything we provide has been entirely developed and produced by us. Do you need a custom feature? Let us know!

Cloud Software
Cloud Software

LIPS Cloud software remotely displays LIPS positions and allows out-of-the-box use with no programming required.

Entirely Wireless Setup
Entirely Cordless Setup

LIPS Devices don't require cabling installations! Every device in our system can be battery-powered, if required.

No Location Software Required
Runs without dedicated software

Tags already provide absolute positions and don't require any software running! Ideal for embedded solutions.

Run Without Internet
No internet connection required

LIPS does not require internet connectivity and can be run entirely offline as an embedded system.

Great Price / Performance
Great Price / Performance

We provide an accurate and easy-to-use indoor RTLS system for the price of similar less accurate solutions.


Easily-installable industrial-grade LIPS devices for your custom RTLS app.

› LIPS Device-mountable Tag

A tag is a wireless battery-powered device given to the person whose location you want to determine. The device-mountable tag can be easily mounted on e.g. forklift rooftops or attached to industrial devices.

Because all the locationing algorithms are embedded within the tag, location of the tag can be read from its USB connection (i.e. on the tag itself), or using an access point that collects locations from every tag in the system. The USB plug is also used for battery charging.


› LIPS Person-wearable Tag

Similar to the device-mountable tag, the person-wearable tag is wireless and battery-powered and is given to the person whose location you want to track.

The person-wearable tag is a compact small gadget that can fit any pocket or can be worn on a strap.


› LIPS Anchor

Anchors are wireless devices that are mounted in the environment (e.g. on the ceiling, or on the walls) and let the tags know where they are located. You need at least 4 anchors (see Tech specs for details).

Anchors only need wall-plug power supply (battery optional), while all the communication is wireless and no data backbone is required!


› LIPS Accesspoint

An accesspoint permits to aggregate all real-time positions from tags at a central location. In that way, you can connect the accesspoint to a PC, a server or an embedded system with USB connection, and immediately know where the tags are located.

* The accesspoint can optionally also include a Wi-Fi connection, so you can connect to it directly from phones or tablets (without USB) and develop your entirely wireless application!


LIPS Cloud & Desktop

Use LIPS Hardware out-of-the-box with no programming required.

LIPS Cloud is a web application that display positions from LIPS tags on the map in real-time on multiple devices.

Link your LIPS Hardware to LIPS Cloud using the LIPS Desktop software in a few easy steps without any programming.

Code Examples in .NET and MATLAB are provided within LIPS Cloud, so you can indeed start using LIPS Hardware easily.

Tech Specs

It's not Wi-Fi. Nor Bluetooth. Neither ZigBee. Yet it simply works.

Precision up to
±1m / ±3ft

Our Local Indoor Positioning System provides locations with accuracy up to ±1m / ±3ft, which is up to 8 times better than GPS! Our system does not determine location based on RSSI (i.e. signal strength), which makes it robust to obstacles. Accuracy depends on environmental conditions, the correct positioning of anchors in the environment and following the instructions in the provided Users' Manual.

2.45 GHz

All our components are radiofrequency devices operating in the 2.45 GHz band, and can co-exist with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee devices without major impact on their functioning. Our components are compliant with IEEE 802.15.4a and IEC/ISO 24730-5, the latter being the standard concerning exactly Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) at 2.45 GHz.

Range up to
100m / 300 ft

The range of our components is up to 100 meters / 300 feet outdoor and up to 30 meters / 90 feet indoor with the solid angle of 120 degrees (normal to the device's top surface). Tags and anchors have internal antennas that are hidden under the enclosure's top surface.

AC / Li-Ion

Stationary-powered components come with USB power-supply units (50/60Hz, 110-240VAC, non-European plugs available upon request). In case of battery power, our components include replaceable Li-Ion rechargable batteries that permit up to 10 hours of autonomous functioning (charging using USB).


Enclosures of our components are made of flanged plastic (flame-resistant ABS - UL94V-0) with dimensions of 80x80x24mm / 3.1x3.1x0.9'' and a weight of approx. 100 grams (3.6 oz).


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